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Further Testimonials and reviews from my previous events can be found here

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A Few Words About Me

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell is one of Ireland's most highly experienced and well-reviewed Wedding DJs with a wealth of experience from performing at events across Ireland and the United States.

Specializing in Full-Night and Full-Day Wedding entertainment, Bryan caters for everything from high-energy celebrations to more intimate affairs and is renowned for creating an unforgettable wedding experience for all.

Bryan, however, is much more than just a DJ who plays music. He's known for his interactive style, which often involves playing games and hosting dance-offs to get guests involved and having fun.

With an extensive music collection that caters to a wide range of ages, nationalities and tastes, DJ Bryan works directly with his clients to ensure a successful wedding night where all guests are pleased whilst also honoring any personal requests from the wedding couple.

DJ Bryan has extensive experience and areas of expertise in American Destination Weddings in Ireland as well a Multi-Cultural Wedding Celebrations having played at many Indian/Polish/Brazilian Weddings.

I would be delighted to be part of your night so call to see if I am available!


Main Services

The Main Services offered are:

The Full Evening DJ Experience (Pearl Package) €600 - €800

Full Evening

Full Evening Image 2

"Trust a seasoned and experienced wedding DJ who prides themselves on delivering an exceptional and personalized entertainment experience that exceeds your every expectation."

Priced between €600 and €800, This package is perfect for couples who have decided to not have a band. The package covers 4- hours of music and entertainment with an experienced professional DJ / MC as well as dance floor lighting, and venue mood lighting to create a professional and effective room atmosphere.

This package will ensure that those who opt not to have a band will not miss out on the classic wedding hits performed by a typical live band and where your DJ’s professionalism and interaction will suffice perfectly in the absence of a live band.

The Full-Day Experience (Bridgerton Package) €900 – €1,100

Full Day Experience

Priced between €900 and €1,100, this package is perfect for couples who wish to have music from the very moment guest arrive at the ceremony through to the very late stages of the night.

The package includes ceremony audio and music, background music for the drink’s reception and meal, and bridal party introductions followed by 4 hours of after dinner dancing music.

The package also includes a Customized Monogram and Venue Mood Lighting in your Reception Venue to make the extra professional touch.

It is also possible to accommodate your ceremony outdoors at your venue if the weather permits.

The After Band DJ Experience (Silver Package) €400 - €450

After Band

Priced between €400 and €450, This package will ensure a seamless transition from the live band to the DJ set to keep the party moving through the early hours of the morning ensuring an epic climax to your wedding night.

This package is perfect for those who want to ensure their night ends on an absolute high by having the presence of an experienced and professional DJ who has years of experience in rocking weddings late into the night.

The package includes 2-3 hours of music and entertainment with an experienced professional DJ / MC, along with dance floor lighting creating an epic party atmosphere to blow your night away.

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell will also be there to cover the first dance if desired prior to the band playing.

Abrahamlive DJ & Sax

After Band

For those looking for something extra-special, DJ Bryan McDonnell also offers a unique DJ and Sax Package, which combines the energy of a live saxophonist with the expertise of a skilled DJ.

Perfect for those who prefer not to engage a live band, this option provides a great middle-ground for those who want to keep the party going without sacrificing the full live music experience.

Please inquire at [email protected] for pricing.

All packages are inclusive of Travel and Equipment Set-Up times.

Please see our 2024 Brochure for further details.

Booking Process

  • After contacting DJ Bryan Mc Donnell with your date and venue, Bryan will check his calendar to see if the date is available.
  • A price and list of what exactly is offered will be sent via email.
  • After a fee has been confirmed your date will be secured and a music questionnaire will be sent.
  • 60 days prior to the event a 10% deposit will be required.
  • An optional online video call will take place to set out the finer details.
  • The remaining balance of the fee can be sent up to two weeks after the wedding.

What is Provided

What is provided?
  • Up to 2 and Half hours of music for "After the Band" Wedding DJ Packages.
  • Up to 4 hours of music for "Full Night" Wedding DJ packages.

In ensuring your wedding night is a massive success, a professional and high-quality sound and lighting system is provided.

The set up includes:

  • Professional Pioneer Sound System. Adequate for up to 500 guests.
  • Controlled Lighting system to manage key moments.
  • Room Uplighting/Mood Lighting to provide a warm feel to the venue.
  • Haze machine to create an electric atmosphere.
  • A very neat professional overall presentation.

Online Consultation

A Good Wedding DJ spends time preparing and coordinating with the Couple or Wedding Planner to understand their preferences, special requests, and the overall timeline of the event, DJ Bryan Mc Donnell carries out a consultation call prior to the event to understand the couples wishes as no two weddings are the same.

What Type of Music is Played

Destination Weddings

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell is highly experienced in doing full evening weddings and plays a brilliant mix of music to honour all tastes and age groups.

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell works directly with clients through online consultation prior to the event to create a set list for the night and values the input of clients in selecting their chosen music for the night.

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell is also an open format DJ who plays a mix of many genres, rather than just one single genre like House or Hip Hop.

“In my ten years of DJ experience, I have come to learn that the primary objective is to entertain the crowd with the best selection of music which everybody knows and likes to sing and dance to.

Like any other individual, I do have my personal preference in music but as an entertainer, these tastes must take a back seat and I much prefer seeing people having a great time than playing what I would listen to from day to day.

From my experience, the music that keeps the dance floor rocking is all the hits from the ’70s ’80s 90’s, earlier ’00s and not to mention the hits from the last number of years that have earned an important place in my playlists and sets.”


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Travel Areas

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell travels nationwide for Weddings and Events.

Estimated Quotes

Below are estimated quotes for your event. Prices may vary so please contact me by phone or email.


€400 - €450


€900 - €1,100


€500 - €700

American Destination Weddings in Ireland
🇺🇸 🇮🇪

See My US Destination wedding brochure here.

Destination Weddings

With Ireland being a popular destination for both eloping and large wedding celebrations for people from the United States, in recent years I have played an important part in the success of many American weddings here in Ireland and US.

My transformative experiences in the USA during 2016-2017 significantly bolstered my confidence and expertise, particularly in American-style weddings. Utilising this confidence and knowledge, I now specialise in American destination weddings in Ireland, delivering a unique fusion of Irish charm and American sophistication to every celebration.

If you are a couple based in North America and considering having a wedding in Ireland, you will have peace of mind that your DJ will understand what music to play and how to interact with your travelling audience.

Multi-Cultural Weddings
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See the 2024/2025 Multi Cultural Wedding DJ brochure here.

Multicultural Weddings

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell has extensive experience in performing at multi-cultural weddings and working with clients to create the perfect setlist respective of their culture whilst pleasing the different nationalities in the room.

Over the past number of years I have had the pleasure of Djing many multi-cultural weddings here in Ireland for nationalities from all over the world. I relish at the opportunity and challenge to celebrate different wedding traditions and music preferences that come as part of that.

I understand that with different wedding cultures comes different traditions and formalities in the wedding day and night and I am happy to work with you in ensuring that these traditions respective of your cultures will be included as part of the wedding day.

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell has played at Brazilian, Indian, French, Spanish and Polish weddings here in Ireland.

Corporate Events and Karaoke Nights

Corporate Events and Karaoke Nights

DJ Bryan Mc Donnell also does a number of Winter and Summer Socials for Companies as well as Private Parties. Karaoke is always a great way to get people interacting with each other and having fun and has been a great addition at many Company Parties along with Day 2's of Weddings.

Recent Clients

Full Evening

Full Evening Image 2

Full Evening Image 2

Full Evening Image 2

Live Bands

Live Bands

A variety of live experienced wedding bands based in Munster can be booked via DJ Bryan Mc Donnell. From the many years’ experience working as a wedding DJ, Bryan is very familiar with many live wedding bands and will be happy to assist in finding a suitable band for those considering booking a live wedding band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding DJs play an active part in Weddings in Ireland and further afield.

A Wedding DJ typically plays after the band at the Wedding Reception, however, it is becoming increasingly common for Wedding DJs to play for the whole Reception or whole Wedding Day.

The cost of a Wedding DJ ranges from €400 to €1,100 depending on which package you opt for.

Please review our Main Services above for a breakdown of the packages we offer or see our 2024 Brochure for further details.

Ready to Book? Please inquire at [email protected] for a free consultation.

You can book a consultation with DJ Bryan McDonnell by either of the following methods:

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